Tuesday, December 07, 2004

What's Going On

Life's been pretty busy. Ok, that's the norm for me, but really.

    * I want to get Sidney into modeling
    * We're 'managing' three properties in Jacksonville
    * K wants to buy / sell cars and parts (incl. engines)
    * We're trying the online mall thing

For each of these we'll eventually be setting up a business. Sidney's modeling is the only exception. It depends on how it goes and if I like it enough to start up my own agency. I've been seriously been considering it. I would specialize in boys from birth to age 17. I don't want to deal with the girls - as a Christian I foresee too many conflicts. But, who knows.

As for the properties, I can't wait to get rid of them. Evicting tenants is not fun in the least. I'll stick with buying land.

Speaking of cars, we're planning to go to Japan in a few months...more on that later.

The online mall, well, we have some storefronts to populate. We do have some ideas for products (pillows, candles, jerked meat and seasoning, car accessories, airplanes). K has a contact who sells airplanes in case anyone's interested.

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