Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What am I going to do? Replies

Chele - heh heh, a stripper, that's funny. Hubby claims he's never had an interest in them.

Stunner - Red light special, huh? Yeah, I'm sure he would absolute LOVE that!

SP - Those rims! LOL

NYABG - His favorite dessert? What about my favoritest dessert in the whole wide world - creme brulee??

B da B - You're funny. Sometimes too funny for your own good!

Well, I got a few good ideas from those suggestions. Of course, I can't kiss and tell so you all may never know, but the important thing is that K takes what he gets and likes it!


Stunner said...

Glad I could be some of help. "takes what he gets and likes it!", sound like yuh bad my girl!

Scratchie said...

That's the important thing I guess :D