Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Haven't quite been myself lately. Been crankier than usual. I think I'm gaining weight. Been feeling sick on and off every day for weeks. Can't decide what I feel like eating. I know what you're going to ask. "Are you pregnant?" Could be. I don't know. Haven't checked. I doubt that it's stress. It's got to be Bill. Will keep you posted.


Reality Check: If you're renting a room in someone's house and you can't afford to pay all your bills you.cannot.afford.to.be.responsible.for.someone.else.


benthebald said...

You're either pregnant or you really miss me. Since the latter is highly doubtful, could you go and get checked.

What are you waiting for again??

chele said...

pregnant? dang ... better you than me, girl.

I like the reality check.

SP said...

I KNEW IT!!! Do we need to stop by the drug store after work today?

Aziza said...

I know that there has been a discussion about kids costing so much to raise these days.

But wouldn't it be nice to have a another little baby at your house? Just think how your son would feel as the new big brother showing the new sibling the ropes? That would be so cute.

Anonymous said...

yay! i hope. well, except for the 'bill' part of up. this time, make it a girl ;-) not that i don't absolutely LOVE Sidney.

Stunner said...

"Shelly a pregnant yuh pregnant?" Seems like something is in the making :)