Thursday, January 26, 2006


What is this word 'fear' that reminds of past experiences long forgotten? What other emotions come up from within you when you let your mind linger on times when you were fearful? Anxiety? Sadness? Nervousness? How did those moments shape you into who you are today?

I took a class a few years ago and the teacher asked, "What is the one thing every person is afraid of?" The answer came: rejection. I can see how that relates to asking someone out, or standing to speak in front of a group of people, but how does that answer fit with the fear of failure. Or even the fear of success? I'm sure most of us have an ambition to be successful (whatever that means to you). For myself, I know I could be good at so many things, and yet I don't actively, passionately pursue any of them. Am I afraid that if I succeed to greater than average heights I will then have to maintain? Or take full responsibility? Maybe my attention span is too short. Hmm. Am I afraid that if I put my best foot forward and fail then maybe I wasn't really as good as I thought I was?

With God all things are possible. We can know ourselves. We can step outside of our boxes. We can let go of the baggage.

This year has started out well for me in many ways. I believe it will only get better.


SP said...

It's nice that you are starting the year off with a positive attitude. I have faith in you. You can achieve anything you put your heart into.

benthebald said...

Fear cripples many, if not all, of us at some time or another. What are we afraid of? In my opinion, we are afraid of what we don't see - a future result or outcome. We cannot guarantee the outcome of our efforts and to make matters worse, we lull ourselves into thinking that the situation that we are in now is "safer" than taking a risk. Yes, giants dwell in the land. Whatever (whoever) that giant is means nothing. Wherever (whatever) that land is has no relevance. God is able. Are you able to trust Him to conquer the "land" that He gave to you? Make this year a year of total fulfillment - you know what to do!!

Aziza said...

BentheBald's response is so true. I've been afraid of flying, lightning storms, big dogs (that bite), elevators, etc. But then I keep telling myself that I need to have more faith in God.

chele said...

I'm afraid of being afraid. Is that crazy? I know FEAR is a crippler and I don't want to be crippled so I try to tackle all my fears. The biggie: being rejected. I hate to even admit that because I come off as so confident (which I am) but I tend to keep folks at a distance because I don't want them to get to know me and reject the person that I am.

Therapy session has just ended.

F - false
E - evidence
A - appearing
R - real

Stunner said...

Interesting questions. Fear prevents us from achieving a lot of things in life. The two major ones are fear of failure and fear of rejection; both of those limit our possibilities if we succumb to them.

I like the acronym Chele posted.

Anonymous said...

"the fear of success (of trying)." that's like an oxymoron, or something, right? just doesn't make sense, yet...

"if I succeed to greater than average heights I will then have to maintain? Or take full responsibility?"

i think that is a major part of it - for myself anyway. the real work that comes after your success. the questions, "can I really do it? can I really maintain it?" "can I really handle that?"

but you really don't know until you actually try.