Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Say It Ain't So!


Ok, I knew it! My girl - Danielle - is America's Next Top Model!

I said it. Just look at her. She deserved it. I almost thought they were going to make it a tie cause I would have been happy for Joanie too if she won.

As for American Idol, Elliot was bound to get the boot. Excellent vocals but he lacked in personality.


Been so tired lately. Pregnancy and having a cold don't mix too well.

When did going to McD's become so difficult? I rarely go there but last Friday I went for lack of being able to decide on something else. I tried to order a #8 with a lemonade (no ice).
  1. Why did the lady add an extra drink to the order?

  2. Why did the same lady not understand me when I asked her what sauces they had?

  3. Why did I have to repeat myself four times??

  4. Why when I asked for honey sauce did she give me caramel?

  5. I thought speaking or at least understanding English was a requirement for jobs here in the US. Was I expecting too much?


May 25 is on the way!


notyouraverage.... said...

that's right - May 25 is right around the corner.

SP said...

Hurray for Danielle!

It's South Florida. Speaking English is NEVER a requirement here, but strangely enough speaking Spanish is sometimes.

What should I make for the 25th? Cookies? Cranberry Scones? Chocolate Cake? Sweet Potato Pie?

chele said...

LOL at McD's experience. Did she also look at you crazy when she didn't know how to make change?

The Gig said...

It sounds to me like the person waiting on you was a foreigner; am I correct? It's really kind of bad when you are trying to converse with someone and neither of you are really understanding with each other is saying.

Shawn said...

I'm not even gon' talk about my past El Pollo Loco experiences where I was forced to repeat my order at least 5 times.

I said I would write a nasty letter to corp the next I experience that any fast food restaurtant.