Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Change of Plans

The people we were supposed to be staying with this weekend are going out of town. That leaves us without accomodations. And in Orlando, decent accomodations are not cheap. We were almost resigned to our fate of being stuck at home (at least 2/3 kids would be gone) when my mother saved the day - kind of. She was supposed to leave for Toronto this weekend but her plans got postponed. Instead she'll be visiting her "2nd home" in Albany, GA, and also spending a day in the ATL. She's looking for company, hence new plans have emerged. My mother was going to rent a car but I need new tires. Aha! She agreed to get me new tires!


I was reading a depressing article on CNN today. Every time I think that things can't get any worse, I hear something like this. A friend of mine asked me yesterday if there is anything that I find disturbing. The story of these women would more than qualify.


Aziza said...

Your mother is so sweet, because tires cost so much.
It's amazing and disappointing to me that tragedies such as the ones happening in Africa rarely get any press time. And I wonder whether other people care.

Shawn said...

People are truly evil. There's no other way to explain why anyone would want to defile and disrespect another human being in that manner.

Is your mom originally from Albany? I attended an event held at Albany University some years ago.

SP said...

Wait, you are getting new tires, but you have to put all of those miles on your car? Is she paying for gas too? If not, it probably ain't worth it!

ShellyP said...

@Aziza: I guess you could call it sweet. She just figured the money would be better spent keeping her grandkids safe with new tires than to spent it renting a car and in the end I'll still have to buy new tires. :)

@Shawn: My mother is Jamaican. We moved to South Florida about 15 years ago. My sister wanted to get out from under our mother's thumb so she decided to attend Albany State University. My mother ended up buying an investment property of sorts up there. That's where we're headed.

@SP: My car is well over the mileage limit so what's another 1000 miles?? My mother is paying for everything, by the way - food, gas, tires. However, if we have to go on toll road in FL, I have the Sunpass for that!