Monday, May 15, 2006

How much of your privacy are you willing to give up for the sake of "national security?"


nikki said...

none, but it damn sure don't matter.

Stunner said...

NONE!!! Dem too dyamm fass!

Shawn said...

It doesn't look like we have a choice in the matter. Our dictator, I mean President, has already decided what's best for us on that issue because he is "the decider."

NeenaLove said...

have you seen the movie, The Village?

it is a PERFECT paradigm of a media-controlled society. if you can dig the symbolism in the movie... you'll get a CLEAR picture of Dick Cheney and his cabinet.

here's some questions to ask yourself about the movie and then apply them to GDubb's cabinet...
in the end, who were the monsters?
what was their "terror alert system"?

m. night shyamalan is truly BRILLIANT in this movie. something to think about.