Monday, July 25, 2005

I Made It

Yeah, so here I am in the hotel room just about ready to go to bed. It's only 10:40 pm on Sunday but my body thinks it's 1:40 am on Monday. Of course, the city is alive, and it's calling to me. "At least walk the strip for an hour," it's saying. "Check out the slot machines in lobby at least," it whispers. But I'm too tired. I have clothes to iron, a shower to take, a cold bed waiting to remind me how much I love my own bed. But tomorrow night I'll be better rested and ready to take on the lights and whatever else the city wants to throw at me (that can be legitimately expensed). Hey, I may not see a show but at least I'll eat well.


Anonymous said...

glad you made it safe. oh yeah - take advantage of eating great food, that you only have to walk in, sit down and have served to you!

forgive my ignorance of geography - what's the time difference from florida to las vegas?-

Anonymous said...

you must have had a great time, seeing as you had no time to post!