Monday, July 04, 2005

Can We Do Better, cont'd

Got some interesting feedback on my post about how to keep a man. I particularly liked the advice Anon 1 gave - very practical advice. Men, if you have anything to add to that, let us know!

Where am I going with all this? Hey, I'm always open to learning new things. Things I can use to make my relationship even better. This forum seems like as good a way as any to get input from others. And with it being public, maybe others can read and learn and apply.

That said, let's expand on the previous post. We know guys are not the best at taking 'hints' as to what we want or like, when we're ready, etc. They say we're complicated. Men, what do you find confusing about us? Women, what do you wish men understood about you?


Aziza said...

I wish men would be upfront and say what they mean. For example, I have a platonic male friend who gives me advice about men, and I give him advice about women. Lately, he has a problem with breaking down the truth to his lady friend. He tells me instead. He wishes that she'd cook instead of having him to do it every week. He wants her to be open to meeting his family, since they have reached out to her, and she's backed off from them. And there are some other issues.

I encouraged him to tell his lady these things, because she may be unaware of some things and aware of others. I'm no love expert, but I think communication is so the key. Getting back to me, I sure wish a particular guy in my past would have just leveled with me, ya know?

WIP said...

That I'm just being honest (ala Andre 3000). Speaking the truth, in love.

On another note, I took good notes watching Destiny's Child perform "Cater To You" for the men, during the recent BET Awards. I'm thinking of trying out my performance real soon. That may take care of any "misunderstanding."