Wednesday, August 03, 2005

5 Thangs List

Ten Years Ago
I was 21 years old and in college. The youngest of my friends, they made a big deal out of my finally becoming a real adult.

Five Years Ago
I had no idea I was about to meet my husband.

One Year Ago
I had high hopes of having multiple streams of income.

I got a reality check going through my bills that I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be at this time.

I feel like I haven't done any work all week so far and it's Wednesday already.

I'll still go to work and not feel like doing anything.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
pineapple slices, seltzer water, grapes & strawberries, almost anything with chocolate, nutri-grain peanut butter granola bars

Five Bands I Know All The Words To Their Music
None that I can think of.

Five Things I Would Do With $1,000,000
Pay tithe & offering, pay off all my debts, buy real estate, give some to my mother/sister/mother-in-law, move to a new house on a bigger lot.

Five Lodations I Would Like To Run Away To
Venice, Italy; Cairo, Egypt; Barcelona, Spain; The Cayman Islands; Toronto, Canada

Five Bad Habits
grind my teeth at night; play devil's advocate; sit on my legs; eat junk food; I'm an impulse buyer (sometimes) (SP says I'm obsessed with shoes)

Five Things I Like Doing
spending time with my family; looking cute; helping others; getting/giving affection; reading

Five TV Shows I Like
Girlfriends, Kim Possible, That's So Raven, Star Trek, ER

Five Famous People I'd Like To Meet
Jesus; Jada Pinkett-Smith maybe?; Angelina Jolie?; Ooh, Morris Chestnut!; uh, Bill & Hilary Clinton

Five Biggest Joys At This Moment
Sidney; K; working for the Communication Dept of my church; (I guess that's it then)

Five Favorite Toys
K, K, K, K, K

Five People Plus Two Who Have Been Tagged
Hmm, who can I torture? proactiff, n.y.a.b.g, picasso the grey, ms. giget, neena, lawda, devasT (you all have Aziza to thank for this!)


Anonymous said...

"Five Things I Like Doing: looking cute."

how cute!

Aziza said...

*lol* I'm an innocent victim. That 5 Thangs List is Myrah's fault.

SP said...

You are obsessed with shoes!! Do we need to go back and see the post about the pink shoes, gold shoes, and black shoes?