Sunday, July 17, 2005

It went. I went. It was good.

My friend, Rainy, is Misty's neighbor. Misty was the one having the going-away get-together last night. I've known Rainy since college. I really like having her as a friend. Our relationship is so simple. We can not talk for years but when we hook up it's like old times. Well, I've been endeavoring to be a more frequent friend so I've been making more of an effort to call her up this past year, esp. when she was expecting. Anyway, last night she called and left a message asking if I was going to Misty's. When I called her back I confirmed my attendance but I told her I really wanted to come by and see her baby girl. She promised to try to keep little mama awaky for the ten minutes it would take me to get there. Unfortunately, I didn't make it in time. Little mama was out. We sat and talked for a bit and looked at baby pictures and then I figured I should head over to Misty's since her scheduled timeframe was 5-11 pm and it was already 9:30 pm. Rainy went back with me and that's where it got interesting. As I walked in I was greeted by quite a few familiar faces - some of whom I hadn't seen in ten years. Didn't have much time to catch up because I really wanted to scope out Misty's new man. He wasn't hard to spot. He wasn't as GQ as I expected but he was cute enough. I guess they'd make a nice couple. He seemed friendly and helpful enough. Apparently he's a brainiac too. Hey, if Misty's happy (she is) then I'm happy for her. After seeing him I decided to "work the room" with Rainy in tow, so to speak. I think I spoke to 99% of the people there. That's quite odd for me. Remember, I'm not a people person; I'm more of a people watcher, which leads me and Rainy to a comfortable corner of the room with the perfect view of most people in room. Now how can I put this mildly...we some good laughs from the vantage point of that corner. It was all good though. Aside from being accosted by a three-year old every few minutes (Sidney taught me well how to handle toddlers), we met some cool people. We had a good time. Right when Rainy was about to leave (at 11) I decided I was hungry. By the time I finally made it back to her house where my keys were, it was 11:30. (Aside: Where were my babies, you might be wondering? They went to some graduation celebration my pseudo-cousin was having.) Rainy and I and her torn-ligament foot husband talked and laughed some more. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time; you know the kind of laughing that makes you cry. I had planned to be home by midnight (a mama's curfew, you know) but I didn't leave Rainy's til 12:30.

So this post was supposed to be about Misty's event, but yet again, you can read my heart is really feeling the good friend time rather than the get-together time.
Although, the get-together gave us some good fodder for our conversations!


SP said...

It was really good seeing you out on Saturday. And don't worry about focusing on Rainy. I spend the first few hours of the party hanging out with her and carrying little mama around. Everyone will remember and think about things specific to them at the party. For you, it was seeing Rainy, which is a good thing since you two are both sooo busy! Plus, I didn't talk much about Misty's party on my blog either. I just touched on it during my weekend update.


Don Tate II said...

Im coming to believe that many bloggers arent true people persons— you know real life people persons.