Monday, June 06, 2005

Verdicts and Such

Black vs Pink Unisas: As much as I LOVE the black Unisas, they're going back. I was apprpriately reminded that nice black pumps are easy to find while pink ones are not.

Anne Klein vs Versace: Definitely keeping the Versace glasses. Still on the fence about the AKs.

Just finished reading The Hamptons.

Currently reading Gothem Diaries.

This weekend we went to a couples' retreat in Marco Island. The kids, of course, we left with various respectable guardians. Sid stayed with his favorite teacher from daycare. He didn't ask for me all weekend. But he did ask for his Daddy a couple of times after two days of not seeing him. So while I was half-agonizing over how he was doing he wasn't even thinking of me! Regardless, we had a good time. Don't think I need to fill you in on the agenda this time though.


WIP said...

Oh (Jumps up and down, then turns green with envy)! I'm happy for you. Marriages need that type of refresher and break from, well, parenting. Isn't it always like that. The kids have a way of showing us that they need a break from us as well. Good decision and advice on the shoes. I guess I wouldn't have thought of it that way, considering I'd just want them both (now I didn't say that I could a.f.f.o.r.d them both). I dunno about the glasses. Keep us guessing. So, I guess your first time meeting me and I didn't help with your "decisiveness." Well, we'll just leave that up to Purfitkgurl to tell you to "hurry up" and make up your mind (wink).

Now what about those weekend tidbits with 'K'? Ha ha.

SP said...

Ok, definitly the PINK! On the glasses thing, I say Anne Klein, but you already knew I would. But, with the 20% off coupon from Lizzy, you can take back the shoes, buy them again for 20% off and keep both sunglasses!

Marco Island? Oh, I didn't even know you were going. I'm glad you had fun and please, no agenda! I really don't need that mental picture!