Monday, June 06, 2005

Spend Update

Ya'll would never believe! Someone gave me a 20% off coupon for Macy's that expired today. So, I did the logical thing: I brought all my shoes back and re-bought the two I intended to keep. I REALLY made out like a bandit!
Savings 1: in Orlando I paid 6.5% tax; in FLL I only paid 6%
Savings 2: the Unisa's were on sale for almost half off plus I got 20% off
Savings 3: I returned the black Unisa's
I'm so excited! I know Tiff and SP are exited for me too.

On the downside, we all went to the dentist for our biannual cleaning. My mouth hurts.


Anonymous said...

lucky you!

SP said...

So does this mean you are keeping both sun glasses?

WIP said...

*In her most authoritative-ex-school-teacher-voice* Honey like I was taught and these are words to live by, so listen up cause I'm only saying this once, "Favor ain't fair"! When the favor of
God is upon you ... and you are willing and obedient ... you shall eat the good of the land ... He will give you the desires of your heart.

You deserve to be blessed, in the little and in the much. So, go on, wear all your materials gladly because our Father in Heaven, knows that you were willing to give the things up due to your obedient spirit. Only then did He release the power there of. Got coupons, in the nick of "His" time and was able to keep everything.

Girl, don't make me get to preachin' up in here. I know a sheep when I see one. The glory cloud is all over you. I saw it with my spiritual eyes. Now, keep believing for the bigger house to raise a few more adorable babies in. It's coming. Gotta give him the impossible to our (man) eyes, to work with. Show-out and stuff. You know how our God is all big and stuff. Bling-bling. Streets of gold. Girl, I'm feeling a shout coming on. Don't ask why. I'm just glad I could celebrate my sista (another's blessing).

End of sermon.

ShellyP said...

@SP - If I can find the receipt for the black AKs, they're going back.

@Tiff - Preach on, girl! He has already given me the desires of my heart. My blessings are too numerous to count.

SP said...

Awww... You know my Birthday is coming up!!!

ShellyP said...

Honey, if I take them back it's cause I need the money more than I need the glasses! You'll get a hi-five for your birthday though. :)

Dayrell said...

No, not the dentist. Girl I had braces for 1000 years, so I pracitcally lived at the dentist. Sorry about your mouth though =/ lol.