Monday, June 27, 2005

I took a half day from work today. Girl issues. They don't usually plague me so I knew something was 'off'. Went to the doctor's instead. After ordering a pregnancy test and an ultrasound he left me to myself. So I sat. And I wondered. And I started psyching myself up, preparing for the worst. Another miscarriage. I tell you, I almost started crying right there in the office thinking of all the horrible things that could be wrong. What if I couldn't have any more kids from some complications or something? Well, turned out I was worried for nothing. (Or so he said.) My 'timer' was off a little bit. Not a miscarriage cause the pregnancy test came back negative. So I went home and rode my bike.

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Anonymous said...

it's one of those things, right? waiting for something to happen - the more you stress and worry about it, the more it doesn't happen.