Monday, November 06, 2006

You've Got To Watch This!

I think it's hilarious!


I had a mixed weekend. Saturday evening was the most stressful but the day ended on a good note. I went to hubby's cousin's baby shower. She's due in a few weeks but she looks good. She looks like she's ready to pop, but she still looks good. Some family flew down from NY which was a nice surprise for everyone. One cousin came with his girlfriend. The other cousin came with his wife and their seven week old daughter who is three days older than Shelby. Of course there was food and I was all up in it!

Sunday some friends came up from MIA to visit another friend, K, her hubby and their nine month old son. I just happen to live almost across the street so visiting me was also an option. However, being as nosey as I am I wanted to see the baby (and the house) too, so instead we all met up at K's house. Couldn't stay long though because Sid had a party at his school and we still had to meet hubby at the bike store before that. Should I say that we never made it to the party? Sid was having too much fun riding bikes around the store and he said he didn't care if he missed the party. Apparently he was serious because when we were ready to leave he wasn't.


Happy Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the vid. Hilarious!!! I'm sending the link to all of my friends.

nikki said...

i had to let you know how much i love the name sounds like everybody around you is popping kids.

chele said...

Thanks for the clip!