Thursday, November 23, 2006


Two weekends ago I was sharing in the celebration of a life that ended too soon. One weekend ago I was sharing in the celebration of a life that is just beginning. This weekend I'm grateful for the lives of my family members and friends.

It's been freezing here the last few days. It hit the 30s yesterday. Thankfully it will begin warming up today, just in time for our Thanksgiving Day barbecue. Because I mean really, what is cold weather without snow?? As a matter of fact, hubby's favorite vacation was when we visited Toronto some winters ago when the snow was deep. I keep telling him we need to move to Germany but I think he's stopped hearing my pleas.

My mother and her brother are going to Jamaica in a few weeks to visit their aunt and uncle. It would be nice to be going with them. And speaking of Jamaica, at long last I have received a letter and card from my aunt. In a nutshell she said she was glad to hear from me and she congratulated me on the birth of Shelby.


Is ANTM even worth talking about?? I was so glad when they kicked off J.aeda last week. Michelle went last night. If only she wanted it. She could probably have won. We're down to the final four and I don't know who to root for anymore. There's no one who stands out.


Anonymous said...

Yes. ANTM sucks really bad this year. NO one stands out. Mrs. Jay stands out more than them.

Anonymous said...

I'm still on Caridee's team. Eugena is still in her shell. I despise yo' girl Melrose and Amanda is cool but not the best of the 4.

That's cool that your aunt finally replied. Its about damn time. ;-)

Hope the holiday was great.