Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I was reading Gian's post and it reminded me of the last time I was approached by a man in a grocery store. (I would highly recommend reading his post before reading mine.) Last week. I went to the deli to order a sub for my mother. I was my usual self. I'm not an intimidating person or anything and I usually smile if my eyes make contact with someone else's. I smiled at various people behind the counter, listening to the banter going back and forth between different people. Nothing flirtatious. After I left the store and was all the way back at my car I noticed one of the employees walking towards me - one of the guys from the deli area. I figured that since the store was almost closing he must be coming to take the cart back. He approached me but it wasn't the cart that he wanted. He tried to make small talk before asking the main question; Where was I from, do I have any kids, am I married, and surprisingly even after I told him I was married he wanted to know for how long. Now, he's a grown man and none too attractive to put it mildly, but I politely but consistently put him off. He continued to tell me that he sees me all the time and whenever he does I'm the one he wants, how there's no one else like me, he'll never find anyone like me, blah, blah, blah. I told him of course he'll find someone and she'll be even better than I am, which of course he refused to believe. I don't know what he wanted me to do - did he expect me to offer my number or my 'friendship' or something else?

I'll Admit It...

...Sometimes I block specific people on msn. I always log on with my status set to 'offline' to see if there's someone(s) I do or don't feel like talking to. If I see someone I wouldn't mind talking to then I go 'online'. If I also see someone I don't want to talk to then I block that person first. Come on, I can't be the only one. You know how certain people are, they'll immediately try to engage you in a conversation, so instead of having to put them off I save them the trouble of trying to start anything.

...I look better pregnant. Ah, yes, a little baby fat never hurt anybody. Now I feel too skinny (except for the belly that I'm working on).

...Sid was a (slightly) cuter baby, but it doesn't matter cause Shelb is still beautiful.

...I don't talk to my friends nearly as much as I would like....

...I have a secret blog. Ok, I have two secret blogs, neither of which I post to on a consistent basis. They more represent different phases of my life. One is about dreams, imaginings, sometimes fiction. The other is the one I use to vent about certain people who may or may not read my public blogs.

...I love chocolate and bread together (think nutella or toblerone), and cinnamon and brown sugar with butter on toast, and pineapples, and watermelon, and orange juice, and Jamaican food, and the smell of a newborn baby, and reading, and watching people, and, and the list goes on.

...I love my baby, my hubby. He's so sweet and fine and even though he gets on my nerves sometimes he's all mine.

For those wondering about SP, the last I heard she was doing fine, enjoying life with her boy toy. It would appear, based on words coming out of her own mouth, that they are offically an item how, but you didn't hear that from me!


chele said...

Did the supermarket guy make you feel uncomfortable? I think I would have been a little scared especially since the store was closing and he was so persistent. Geez ... some people.

I stopped using IM for that specific purpose. I just don't want to be bothered with hiding from folks when I'm in my own home.

I think we all have secret blogs.

Thanks for the update on SP ... I was getting kinda concerned.

SP said...

I'm here! I'm here! And I don't have a secret blog. I can barley keep up with my public one! LOL!

Mmmm... Nutella....

You do look good with a little bit of weight on you, but you always look good!

I do the offline thing too...

If super market guy sees you all the time, why didn't he notice that you were pregnant or that you were with Hubby and sid? He's not that observant is he?

Anonymous said...

I love men, but they sometimes get on my last nerve, because some feel like no matter what they have a right to hassle you "EVEN" after you've told them that you have a boyfriend or a husband or don't want to be bothered. The approach should end right there.

A few years ago while I was at the grocery store, a guy approached me. I was kind and said hello, but "did not" give him my telephone number and name. But he proceeded to follow me throughout the store. I ended up not getting everything on my grocery list and going to the check out counter. He followed me. As soon as I paid for my groceries, I ran to my car, threw the bags in the backseat, and tore off out of the parking lot. His persistence, which was very unnecessary, had scared me away.

The approach would have been fine, if the guy had at least left me alone after I said that I had to go and gave him none of my information.

Sometimes guys forget that there is a safety issue here. But more or less, they are licking their wounds and are upset that a woman had turned them down. Also, they seemed to turn it into a => See you women are always complaining about not finding a good man, but you need to be open to the guys who approach you, because it's so hard to work up the nerve to walk up to a woman. A male friend told me that once, but I told him that as a single woman, safety comes first. And men aren't being turned down that much, because at least 60%-70% of black kids are born out of wedlock. So, apparently some women are saying Yes. Pursue them.

Anonymous said...

i read and posted at gian's blog. interesting indeed!

a what aziza said - he didn't the whole pregnancy thing? what the?

i log on 'offline' too. cause sometimes i don't feel like talking to anyone at all or don't mind a quick hello, but don't want to be engaged in a long convo. maybe they should add that to msn. a 'i'm online, but only hit me up to say a quick hello' status. lol.

i think shelby, in the early pics, looked even more like you. i can't want till she gets bigger and to see what she looks like then!

no secret blog for me. i can't even keep up on the one i got.

good to hear sp is still there, i was wondering...

Tha G Perspective said...

In my opinion there is a two fold reason why guys are so pesistent. 1. It's like saving face if you don't just let it go. The male ego doesn't just like to take that right hook and drop. Just like a fighterthat don't no when to just stay down, we let pride dig us deeper holes and end up on somebody's blog. and 2. every guy in the world has pulled something unexpected out of nowhere just by trying too hard. Of course the succesful attempts are few and far between but all a man needs is a glimmer of hope and he'll sacrafice a little dignity.

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate when people attack you messenger? Shut up, i'm thinking...STFU ;-)

SP and her boy toy? Hahaha! Have you met said 'boy toy?'

He didn't really ask how long you've been married? Naw...I refure to believe that one.

Jdid said...

some folk dont get the hint but i guess that routine must work on some married women or guys wouldnt try it.

actually i've been avoiding logging on to msn lately just cause i'm usually busy doing something else and dont want to talk

Mocha_Grl said...

My brother used to luuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv some Nutella. Love the admissions!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Your Family!!!... :-)