Tuesday, November 15, 2005

To Love Or Not To Love

Do you think it's possible to truly fall in love with someone when you are already in love with someone else? What would make this possible (or not). If you find yourself falling for someone else, can it be stopped? How can you prevent yourself from getting in a situation like that?

(Don't get any ideas, I'm just throwing it out there.)

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NeenaLove said...

reminds me of.... Erykah Badu's, "Next Lifetime". **sigh** that song is significant for me. it got me through my divorce from my ex. i was in love with that man OR i thought i was.

i think we love people differently, romantic as well as platonic. i think we fall in love with how people make us feel. if that is what we fall in love with then it's possible to love more than one person at a time. however, there can be ONLY ONE that you can love FULL TIME. just one that you are able to shuck any 'masks' you wear and truly be intimate with.

that was a breath-full! LOL...