Sunday, November 20, 2005


Things I NEED:
1. A jump rope (the most feasible!)
2. A total gym (or something like it)
3. An elliptical machine

Things I NEEDED:
1. A long red dress! My baby bought it for me and had it shipped to my job. Can you believe that?! People were trying to get me to try it on, but I'm not wearing the right shoes and you KNOW how that can make or break an outfit.

Am I not the social butterfly lately? Last week was the housewarming, this week was a marriage re-committment event. The people can't seem to get enough of me. LOL. BUT, I got to wear my new red dress. And you know I was the best dressed up in that place! :) I would post a pic but Hello isn't working for me at the moment.

I like what Neena said about love in one of my previous posts. I think she hit the nail on head!

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