Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Have you ever...

...spent a long time working on something one way only to remember that it should be done another way? That's what happened to me. I must have panicked or something. I was in such a rush to finish up one of my projects at work that I spent THREE days trying to make it work, only to be reminded today that what I was doing was totally unnecessary. Argh!

...looked around where you live and been utterly disgusted? That's what happened to me. Actually, it happens to me much too often. I look around my house and wish I could put everything outside, redo the inside, and then only bring in the stuff that really belongs. Time and effort is all it takes really. But other things have my attention right now, so I have to continue to settle for disgusted.

...had a short week? Guess what. That's what happened to me. Just this week. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and 99% of the places will be shut down. Friday is also a holiday for me. I wish that meant shopping!

...started a todo list that felt like it was never-ending?...

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