Monday, November 15, 2004


I'm so proud of myself! Well, sort of. I worked on my spiel and I worked on it til finally my turn came during the Board meeting. I'll tell you, I don't think I saw anything besides the chairperson, my notes, and the ceiling every once in a while. By the end of it, no one had any questions. Normally a motion is followed by a flurry of questions and criques and discussion. This time, only four people raised their hands and each one of them supported the motion. Needless to say, my department (Communication), got the money needed to upgrade the video system. It's not enough to do everything I would like, but it's a good start. Boy, I didn't wait. I told Karl before I even got home and he called the guy who'll be putting together the PC. Today we put money in his account so he can order what he needs. Just tonight we went to Brandsmart and bought the camera and a pack of DV tapes. Wed we'll do a test run. We hope to get the PC by this weekend to do a real test run - videotape a service and burn it to a DVD w/minor edits. The reason we're pushing is twofold: (1) Music Weekend is coming up Dec 3-4 and we want to be able to sell DVDs, CDs, etc, as a fundraiser; and (2) we're just anxious to get this going so people can see that we're serious, then maybe they'll take this whole technology thing more seriously.

My vision is to educate the church. There's no reason why God's people should lag behind. But it's difficult when the majority of the congregation is an older Jamaican crowd. I'm hoping that if we show them what current technology can do, they'll become interested to learn more and make use of what's out there, for themselves and for witnessing.

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