Thursday, November 11, 2004


I need to make a lifetime resolution to stay in touch with the friends that matter to me. I know, all people are important and no one should be discounted. What I mean is that, the people who I have found to have a positive effect on my life I need to keep in my life. It's hard a lot of the times with a hectic schedule, to take my free time away from my family and give to others. That's the selfish part of me. What a sob story. Everyone has a sob story. But, I'll need my friends to help keep me grounded in reality. My husband is great at that but adding others' experiences and opinions can only make my life richer.


Anonymous said...

i hope i'm one of those people.

ShellyP said...

Should I list the non-related people in my life who are important to me? That would be too easy. I guess it wouldn't be a nice thing to do in case I 'forgot' someone. Yes, Ardean, you are one of them.