Thursday, January 08, 2009

There are still good people in the world

I stopped by my previous place of employment a couple of days ago. I was under the impression that an ex-coworker had something for my kids. On my way there I was debating whether or not to go upstairs or ask the lady to come down, but I unstrapped the kids and went up like I knew in the back of my mind that I would. After the lady at the front desk went to get my friend it seemed to take forever for her to come up front. I called before arriving so she was expecting us, and her office is not far from the front, so I was wondering what on earth was keeping her. I soon found out. There she came but she wasn't alone. I didn't think anything of it though; I figured she just told some people along the way and they came to say hi...until she pulled out the card and proceeded to speak on behalf of the group. All I heard was something about them getting together to give me (the fam) something, and then I got all sappy and started crying right in front of everybody! (lol) I was very touched by the gesture. It was completely unexpected. Keep in mind I haven't worked there since early October yet as the holidays approached they thought of me and my family. I will forever have a soft spot for those guys.


Anonymous said...

aww, how nice of them!

Jdid said...


Anonymous said...

See that happened because it was my birthday :0)
Always remember to count your blessings and name them 1 by 1.