Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Much And Nothing

Don't look at me like that! I'm not the only one who hasn't been blogging lately!

Monday coming will be six weeks since I had Shelby. Yes, time has flown by. I have so enjoyed the time. Monday I officially start back working (from home at least but still).

As usual people have been getting on my nerves. I would love to explain how but I shouldn't. Let me just ask you this, what's worse - a hypocrite or one who tries to get over all the time? I have both in my life and for reasons beyond my control they will be in my life indefinitely. I think being a hypocrite is worse. I absolutely cannot stand when someone smiles in my face and then talks behind my back. Granted, that's not the case this time, at least not to my knowledge, but this person is definitely two-faced and try as I might to help I don't seem to be getting through. And I have to try. But it's hard. If I had a choice I would choose to not have to deal with this person.

Shelby is getting so big and she demands attention. Sidney is a wonderful little big brother. Lately though he's been complaining that he doesn't have anyone too keep him company when he goes to bed so many nights I wake up to find him standing next to me - so I pull him into my bed. (Thank goodness for the new king bed!) Jr got a cell phone. I know he was so excited when his father finally gave his consent. Stepdaughter - no news there. Her and Sid together drive me crazy though. Hubby is alright. And me, I'm here, spending my time with the bottles and the diapers and baby who seems to love to spit and drool.

What's up with you?


chele said...

Has it already been six weeks? Wow. Will you be permenantly working from home? If so, good for you. I wish I had that option.

Definitely hyprocrites are worse.

Shawn said...

ooo, I don't like my option at all. Hyprocite? Getting over? Without more details its hard to decide. I'd have to remove both types from my life.

Six weeks has flown by very quickly. I mean, I can't believe next week November begins.

Mocha_Grl said...

6 weeks! wow, time certainly flies. Can't wait to meet the fam!

Miz JJ said...

I hate when people try to get over on me. It's like they think they are smarter than me and can trick me. Uh uh.

Six weeks already. Time flies when you're raising kids.

Anonymous said...

whoa - time really did fly! everyone that i show shelby's picture too, think she's just adorable. more pics please!