Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Now I'm All Sore And Achy!

I felt like having a chicken philly from Charley's Steakery for lunch today. The nearest location that I know of is at least a 15 min drive from where I work. But then someone told me that the Sawgrass Mall had one. I checked online at both the Sawgrass site and the Charley's site and they both said the same thing. So, I ventured out onto the open road with the threat of rain at every turn to satisfy my hunger for something non-foofoo (foofoo food is what we call the food around here that you pay a lot for but is generally overrated). Anyway, I got to the mall and found a parking space that wasn't a foot under water and parked. When I went in I knew exactly where I was going based on the map I had studied before leaving the office. But alas, Charley's was nowhere to be found in the Garden Food Court. I thought, hey, why not take the walk and check the other food court. It turned out to take a bit longer than I anticipated. I walked and walked and walked (say 15 mins) only to find that it wasn't in the other food court either. Miami Subs almost got my business but I decided against it and opted for Sbarro. So dejected was I! I sat alone and ate my pizza til I was ready for the trek back. I almost treated myself to some Haagen Daz ice cream for all the effort I put into finding this non-existant place, but the $3.20 price tag for a small cone deterred me. (Yes, BDaB, things change even as they stay the same.) I manuevered my belly through the crowd of people who don't even know what side of the mall they should be walking on - everyone outside of SFL knows that you keep to the right! I found my car easily and returned to work by 1:50 pm (note: I had left at 12:30 and the drive is only 10 mins each way). I did end up rewarding myself with a twix though.


Anonymous said...

how big IS your belly now? more pics are in order. don't you hate that - when you're craving for something specific (in your pregnant state - i can imagine it increases) and you can't get it. anything else after, just doesn't cut it.

SP said...

Awww! I could have told you there wasn't one at Sawgrass. You should have just gone to Pembroke Pines. If I was there, I would have taken you!

chele said...

What happened to Charley's?

Yes more tummy pics, please!