Thursday, July 13, 2006

No Drumroll Necessary...It's another random post

Edit: The 'ney' at the end wasn't intentional but it doesn't hurt, plus we do like the fact that both names, Sidney and Kourtney, are unisex.
Ok, belly pix will be coming. Why do I have to chase hubby around with a camera to get him to take of picture of me?? lol (Brill could add that to his list of 'why' questions.) :)

No, I have no clue why my OB assumed I'd be tying the ovarian knots. Of all the words he spoke to me, that statement alone was almost half the word count!

No lunch adventure today. A bunch of us ordered from the overrated Lucille's cafe. The food is never above average but the price tag always is.

I know I said I wanted a name that started with an 'S' but hubby and I can't seem to agree. Since we must learn to sacrifice for *cough* love *cough* I think I've found something to satisfy us both: Kourtney Cassandra (and possibly add Morgan to the end of that). Bear with me on the spelling, that's still up for discussion. Hubby's name begins with a 'K' hence Kourtney. (I considered putting a silent 'S' in front of Kourtney, but SP duly threatened me. just kidding, I was only kidding.) Cassandra is my middle name so my vain side is somewhat satiated. Morgan could stay or go for me - what happens to it depends on hubby. He's used to having four names plus a last name so Kourtney *only* having three is nothing.

Btw, I know she needs no introduction but I've finally added Miz JJ to my blogroll *sigh*.


Anonymous said...

Kourtney. hmm... did you plan it that way to have 'ney on the end like Sidney?

Miz JJ said...

Picking a name is so daunting. I can't imagine. Sometimes I think it helps to see the baby first. Your doctor was going on again about a getting your tube tied? What's his problem??

Shawn said...

Did I miss the baby naming post? Kourtney with a "K." Interesting.

4 names? Sheesh.

I'm guessing you'd like a more communicative doc. how did you choose this guy?

Stunner said...

Never seen that name spelled with a K, interseting.

Jdid said...

oh boy baby names i still remember the drama over that

Carmell said...

my OBGYN won't tie tubes. he said he would rather the man do it.. i was cool with that.

i like Kourtney and Morgan.

Jdid said...

oh regarding wongs, you're preaching to the converted. i used to live on follis over by the too black guys store and the black rooster so i know wongs. greatest oxtail in toronto. actually bathurst isnt that bad, theres a new spot closer to the barber shops thats nice and the roti store south of bloor was always nice. now you mention it i havent been there in years its time for a visit

nikki said...

kourtney...i'm digging it. names are so important! what does it mean?

ShellyP said...

@ Miz JJ - Actually, that was the only time he mentioned it. I have an appt next week so we'll see if brings it up again.

@ Shawn - You may have missed that post - it was random and probably didn't even have a title. Yeah, four names, I know. *sigh* I don't know about this doc. I was referred to a different doc at the same practice but he stopped delivering babies. I figured it would be alright to try this guy. Can't say I care for him either way. With two and a half months to go it's probably too late to switch.

@ Nikki - I haven't looked into the possible meanings of the name. As long as it doesn't mean anything negative I don't really care. I just have to like the way it sounds.