Monday, March 06, 2006

It Was A Nice Weekend

The wedding I attended was beautiful. SP was there and it was good to see BdaB and his wife again. Everyone from our department was there looking great. It's a nice change to see another side of people.

The wedding was scheduled to begin at 6:10. K and I zipped in, initially behind the carriage then manouvering our way into a spot, at 6:15. Fortunately the ceremony started at 6:20. It was a simple sunset wedding. I was just glad we weren't the last ones to arrive. Some others arrived with us, after us, and some even missed the ceremony entirely! By 6:35 it was done. Yes, it was a 15 minute ceremony! Not bad. While waiting for the cocktail area to open up we ran to Walgreens to pick up a card to go with the gifts we bought the day before. I know what you're thinking and you're right - we procrastinate way too much! We made it back while the mixing and mingling was still going on. It was an open bar so people were quite "toasty" before the reception even started.

The reception was fun. There were toasts from the best man and matron of honor. Then it was time to eat. I like that, not too many preliminaries to keep the people from the food, which was served buffet style.

Of course, how many weddings do you know that don't have some sort of drama? I thought this one was going to go off perfectly until 11 o'clock or so when SP called me over and showed me something I couldn't believe. She pointed to the groom's cake. I looked and there was a piece missing - the front right corner was cut out! Then she turned me around and showed me who had been eating that cake, which was left half done. It was someone from our department and his guest. They left a few minutes before she showed me. This wouldn't have been half as bad if they had cut the cake after the official cake cutting had taken place, but it happened before.

How could anyone have so little class as to cut someone else's wedding cake?? I shouldn't even say "so little class" because really they had NO class whatsoever. I was quite upset about the whole thing. All I could think about was how we could hide it so that the bride wouldn't see it. I suggested that we tell the best man. While SP was finding him, the matron of honor came over with another lady and they looked at the cake and were obviously discussing what to do. They took the bridal bouquet and laid it up against the missing corner. I was temporarily relieved until I saw them bring this whole thing to the bride's attention. Needless to say, she was visibly upset. That made me even more upset that they told her. Didn't they think about the fact that she still had pictures to take!

Other than that it was great. A memorable occassion.


Shawn said...

Oh, that's just takes a lot of nerve to do something like that. Someone shoulda taken pics of them fools and posted at your office.

re: being late - I attended a sunset wedding once. I was so late that me and my guest just barely missed walking down the aisle with the bride. The bride was a friend...she was pissed that we were so late. She kept saying "it said sunset wedding on the invitation" I told her I saw that portion but hadn't been to a wedding that started on time in my life. That didn't go over so well.

chele said...

That's just trifling. Some folks just don't have any home training.

SP said...

He's such an Ass! I'm still pissed at him and it wasn't even my wedding!

Aziza said...

Folks like your cake eating co-worker don't know proper etiquette or probably don't care and is greedy. I hope that the bride didn't get too upset, because these kinds of things always seem to go on at weddings to annoy the bride.

Mocha_Grl said...

Well it sounds really nice up until the cake eating. That's terrible, people should really know better. Even if you weren't familiar with the traditions, take a cue from those around you! No one else was eating cake!