Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I decided to ask my coworker yesterday about the cake incident to see his reaction. I didn't do it in a confrontational way; the conversation went similar to this,

ShellyP: Hey, RK, something curious happened at the wedding.

RK: Yeah? What was that.

ShellyP: Someone took a piece of cake. And it was at W's seat right after you left. Did she take it?

RK: I don't know. I'll have to ask her.

ShellyP: The bride was pretty upset.

RK: What time did they take pictures? (Note: He left at 11 pm.)

ShellyP: 11:30 pm.

RK: 11:30 pm? (He asked incredulously.)

ShellyP: I didn't want to think it was you guys. Cutting that cake was not a good thing to do.

RK: I'll have to ask her. I'll have to ask her if it was her or JW's wife. (Note: JW is our boss!) Sometimes W does things that she shouldn't.

blah, blah, blah, whatever

The rest of the day he spent making sure everyone knew that he was basically drunk before the reception even started and he didn't really anything that went on. Yeah. ok.


SP said...

He's so full of crap. Regardless of if he cut the cake or not, he is still responsible because he ATE the cake. And I saw him leave, he was NOT drunk.

Oh, I heard from E that JW left because he was "embarrassed by RK", but he never said why he was embarrassed.

chele said...

Oh sure, blame it on the alcohol. No home-training.

Shawn said...

he's a liar and I don't even know the guy. why were you so nice when you questioned him? i woulda laid it on heavier than you. :-) I mighta lied too and mentioned someone caught it on film or pic

The Gig said...

Thanks for your comment and advice on my blog. I assumed that most of the nurses do not know a whole lot about Sickle Cell Anemia because a lot of doctors do not really have a whole lot of information on this. This is just a speculation but it may be because the disease is predominately present in African Americans. You know, you are right in the advice you gave me. I wish I'd had the opportunity to read your comment before I did the presentation today, which went over fairly well. God Bless you Shelly

Stunner said...

Cake stealing at a wedding...that's just shameful!