Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Unwanted Houseguest

No, not a mouse. It couldn't be that trivial at my house. It has to be something bigger. Something more complicated. Something more dangerous. A RAT. There is A RAT living in my house. How do I know? Because hubby saw it in the kitchen this morning! At first we thought there was a mouse getting in and eating our bananas (the first time we noticed this was friday morning). We plugged up what we thought was the hole. But, lo and behold, last night, UPSTAIRS, JUST OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM, by the a/c unit, there were wall shavings on the ground. That rat gnawed at the wood of the closet door and he gnawed the paint off the wall right down to what looks like metal. Needless to say, the exterminator must come today. We only have a three bedroom house and on weekends there are five of us who live there. We don't have room or food enough for anything else.

Lord, have mercy!


SP said...

Maybe you did patch up the whole, but instead of sealing it out you sealed it in. I say, just move!

chele said...

I agree with SP. I'd have to move ... OMG I get chills just thinking about that critter.

Shawn said...

Have you seen that movie Of Unknown Origin? You should check it out. It's about a homeowner and a rat infestation.

I remember my granmother had rats when I was a kid. It was the creepiest thing. We'd hear them climbing through the walls at night. One time a rat fell to the floor from the ceiling at night. Me and cousin went hysterical. Hahaha!

benthebald said...

Rat!! You mean big mouse!! You mean small kangaroo!! Raaaaaatid!! You know me - I'm not one to overthink the issue, but your neighbors could have conspired against you to get you to move. If you see one rat then there are more, ready to knaw your toes off and then you wont be able to wear cute shoes anymore. Did I tell you about the time we had an infestation in the store I used to work at. My boss used to stomp on them to kill them. They were everywhere, running through the aisles in the store and eating everything.

You have got to get rid of them!!!

Aziza said...

Don't be afraid. It's just Mickey and Minnie Mouse. *lol*