Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Random Randomness

K went out and bought a couple of rat traps this evening. He's setting them up right now down in the kitchen. I don't even want to hear it snap but I hope I do cause that means something's caught. Last night K stuffed an old t-shirt in one of the holes we're sure they're coming through. Wouldn't you know they took the whole shirt down the hole!!


This evening when I came home K and I flew a kite down our dead-end street. You should'a seen us! Two old fools runnings down the road trying to catch a breeze, in the dark, in 50 degree weather!


I got a call from an old friend today. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw an email in my inbox from him yesterday. I hadn't spoken to him in about three years. We were just friends. He's cool people. Funny thing, him and my husband have basically the same initials - KAP (hubby has a couple more middle names).


Brotha Buck, I sent you an email last week. Let me know if you got it.

Shawn, I've been trying to comment on your latest Tap post but the browser keeps crashing right at the point the comment dialog comes up. That happens quite often for me when I visit your site. Anyway, I was only going to say, "Wow, that's some serious stuff. If you loved dancing so much you shouldn't have stopped. But you did what you felt you had to to move on. I just don't like to see talents going to waste."


chele said...

Um ... you mean there's more than one rat????

I like the idea of flying a kite.

Hey Shawn -- the same thing happens to me when I try to access you from home. No problems at work, though.

The Gig said...

What a cute post. I would love to have seen you and K running down the street in 50 degree weather after a kite. he,he, he I bet that was cute. If you were in Iowa, it would have been in the 30s or lower.

Thank you for your words of comfort on my blog. I definitely appreciate your prayers.

Hope you have a blessed Sabbath.

Hali said...

Just visiting and checking out your spot (per Chele links). I hope you are able to catch the mouse. Is it a rat or mouse? Hopefully just a mouse. Trying to fly a kite sounds like fun.

Jdid said...

rats? oh man, last summer we had mice, they disappeared in september just as i was going to call an exterminator. not even sure how i can get rid of them because the area i think they are coming in cant be closed off without me putting out thousands of dolars i dont have right now. just something stupid the previous owners did in renovating. anyway i'll try my best and hopefully they ont comeback this summer.

Shawn said...

shellyp - I don't know why the browser is crashing you and chele. I think the site meter is the culprit. If you can recall, has the browser crashed more since I've switched to popup comments?

At the time, that's the only way I knew how to cope. I shoulda talked about how I was feeling and gotten all that built up frustration and hurt out of my system instead of internalizing and walking away from something I enjoyed.

Man, I wish I had a kite.

Stunner said...

Yep rats are terrible. I remember the rat-traps we used to use in the country when I was younger. I had a rat prboblem at the first place I lived when I went on my own. I used to use the sticky traps, caught quiet a few befor I finally moved out.

LivingSingle said...

Kites, that sounds like fun! I haven't flown a kite in....over 20 years!

Good luck on catching the rats.