Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Latest Question

Edit: Me and my "local" mindset assumed everyone just knew I was referring to Naples, Florida. Boy, do I WISH I had it the way Brotha Buck thought. Just goes to show how tired I was.

I'm in Naples right now. It's 1:41 am and I'm beat. We got here only 2.5 hrs ago after a long full productive day at church. I would have much rather waited until daylight on Sunday to head out, but K was insistent on coming Saturday night. So here I am, tired and restless.

Oh, I remember what question I wanted to pose to you. (Hopefully you made it past my rambling!)

  • I believe God gave us marriage for companionship.

    I don't want to be old and alone, I can tell you that much. I want to share my joys and sorrows with a sympathizing/empathizing person who actually cares how I feel. And really, there's nothing like being open and free with someone you totally trust who feels the same way about you.

  • I believe God gave us marriage for "legal" sex.

    Of course, with this comes the obligation to actually HAVE SEX with our spouses. I don't want to harp on this subject too much since we touched on it before, but I gotta put in a plug for the undersexed spouse (male or female). *Hint* If he's asking for some go ahead and give it to him with a smile. He'll be happy and in turn strive to make you even happier. It's an amazing cycle. Women, we have to realize the power we wield!

  • There's no doubt He gave us marriage for "legal" procreation.

    I don't have much to say on this one. I remember when I was pregnant and especially after Sid was born, the thought that he was a product of the two of us amazed me. It still does. He is a perfect combination of the two of us.

Do you agree or disagree with the statements I made? What is the purpose of marriage? (Not what is marriage.) There's no right or wrong answer I just want to know your thoughts.


Aziza said...

I'm somewhat from the old school. I'm not old; just in my 30's. That's the way I was taught and the way I believe things.

When we go off and do things according to our own ways (in terms of relationships and marriage) without God's blessing, I think things won't work out. I'm not married yet. But married folks, like my parents, uncles, aunts, and friends tell me that through the tough times God is the one that keeps the family together.

SP said...

I don't think God gave us marriage. God gave us the desire to have a companion, the ability to procreate, and the desire for, or as some people may say, the need for sex. Marriage, to me, is a rule of society meant to regulate the people. It's purpose is to bring order to society. God gave us many things, but the laws and rules of society are man made. That is how/why they can change over time. Don't get me wrong. I believe in marriage and one day, I hope to get married. But I don't believe that marriage is necessary to find your soul mate, to have a child, or to just have great sex.

Coalchar said...

Okay I’m going to put my two cents in.

Marriage is given by God to describe His relationship with human beings. There are many texts in the Bible that describe the church as God's bride. For instance when God describes His second coming, the church is adored as a bride for her husband, a former groom can actually understand the emotion (yes emotion) that our Creator will have. Imagine, like men, God has been macking to humanity, trying to get her attention, trying to let her know He loves her and wants to be with humanity for eternity but circumstance stay in the way (sin). Humanity can't make up her mind, God or sin (Satan). Humanity says "Sin is so much fun but likes to cheat on me, but God He is stable and loves me." Some of us will choose God and on the wedding day God will be that happy groom knowing that his dreams and hard work have paid off. He and His creation will once again be one for all eternity.

That is why the attack on marriage is so hype, because it works to distort our view of God just like the absence of an father figure in the home has already done (different topic).

Anonymous said...

After reading the comment I had this whole thesis that I was trying to compile to write.
Then I returned to the site all ready to jot my 2 cents down only to realize that coalchar pretty much summed everything up.By the way coalchar your comment was beautifully done. To borrow some slang "Tight, you locked it up".

I do want to add that yes I do agree with your comments.
As well as that humans are social beings so even if or when one no longer can have sex for whatever reason the companionship is extremely important.
Especially when one looks at couples who have been together for some 60 years and then one dies. Marjority of the time the other spouse seems to follow a short time after.

Brotha Buck said...

Shelly, I'm not going to touch that question with a 10-foot pole. I'm so confused on this subject that if I try and address this question, I'm just gonna get mad.

Im glad you have the attitude you do.

Now, did you say that you are in Naples? I read nipples at first, which gives away my mindset. Dang, you are in Italy! A sistah whos making money and traveling, too. Kudos to you.

ManNMotion said...

With the exception of the word "legal" (because I have "legalistic" philosophy issues) I'm in agreement. But I think it's more than that. I think Marriage (capital M) is about family as well. Of course it's easy for me to talk. Nice blog BTW. All 10 of em lol.

Diggs said...

Hey Shelly!

I'll be back to comment on your spot, but I just saw your msg.

Here is my new spot: diggs

Feel free to update ure link. I tried to email u a while back, but I might've had the wrong hotmail addy.

NeenaLove said...

purpose of marriage... hmmm... what a subject!

my take on it... marriage is a contract... no matter what way you look at it. secular or spiritual... it's just a contract.

why do i want to be married? i might just blog about it.

Anonymous said...

yes - very interesting. and i don't know what i think.

WIP said...

Okay between you and assumptions and BrothaBuck and *cough* nipples and Naples (which I only know the local/Florida derivative) and Italy, a sister is all confroosed? Now I can't even begin to tell you my take on marriage. I swear you ask some toughies. You related to my husband?

I will say this. My dear friend says that if her husband died tonight she would never marry again. She'd ride it out, just her and her two children. When she told me that a while back I thought ... DEEP.