Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today and Yesterday and The Day Before That and...

So many things in my head, but as usual, I can't seem to pick a topic for my post (sigh).

I heard a clip of a song that goes, "Lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolly, lolly, lolly, lollipop (pop) bu doom boom boom..." I remember that song from high school days. There was a really nice girl I knew who used to sing that song aallll the time. And she liked lollipops too. She died at the end of senior year. RIP J.

Writer's block, I suppose. I'm not brave enough to put all my business out there just yet.

Bad drivers - my pet peeve. I admit, I'm not the best driver in the world, but at least I try to be considerate.

I love Sidney.

Oh, now I can't even remember what was going on in my head. I'm gettin old.

Diggs was talking about worst dates. I had to think awhile, but I've had a couple. I met a guy on the internet (yeah, I know, but I did). We chatted online and seemed to get along - lots of coincidences too. I knew they weren't him trying to kiss up because he would just tell me something random and out would jump a kwinkydink. Anyway, we talked on the phone a few times and I finally agreed to go out to lunch with him. He picked me up at my job. That in itself could have been a disastrous decision, but he didn't turn out to be a stalker. So, he picks me up and I look at him and think, "He looks older than he said he was." I started to doubt my judge of age, but could I really have been that far off? Turns out he was about 20 yrs older than me (gasp), white hair and everything. He had told me that he didn't smoke, but he did...yet another lie. Of course, we ended up having less in common than I thought. He asked me if since we weren't going to hook up in a relationship if we could just have a no-strings-attached meeting of the bodies. Needless to say, my answer was a resounding 'no' and I never saw him again.


notyouraverage.... said...

interesting. i've just, just started chatting with someone online (he saw my profile on msn - and emailed me). we've had only 2 conversations so far, so i'm no where near thinking about meeting him yet, but, the thought has crossed my mind - would i, in the future, decide to meet him face to face, if our conversations continue to be good online? and how 'safe' would that be. although, how do you really 'meet' people. if you see someone at the store or at work, and start chatting and become friends, is it any different or safer? and i digress a little, why is that men, on any type of 'profile' never put any info? i've put lot's of stuff (but no picture - don't feel comfortable doing that), but guys never want to 'reveal' anything?

Tha G Perspective said...

That's funny. Non committed meeting of the bodies. He was probably sitting there thinking. "Well this is going nowhere. Let me make sure she won't sleep with me first though?" It's a guy thing. You have to ask just to make sure.