Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just Read

Just finished reading David Copperfield. Not a bad read. Before that it was Great Expectations. I liked that one. I happen to have Tom Sawyer so I guess that will be next.

Yesterday was a much needed holiday. I know, I just came back from Jamaica, but that wasn't a vacation. Now I have a 4-day workweek to look forward to. I like that.

This messed up hand business really gets on my nerves sometimes. I vascillate between being mildy concerned to really down about it. I keep trying to do what I used to be able to do, and I of course keep finding that I can't. Typing freely is one thing I really miss. The other day I poked my eye out. I don't remember what I was trying to do, but my pinky finger ended up in my eye. A bit later I went to the bathroom and while washing my hands I looked in the mirror and my eye was bleeding (just a bit, but still)! I'd never had that happen before (the poking or the bleeding). Quite disconcerting esp. since I couldn't remember what I did to cause the damage.

Sid's school had a banquet this past Sunday. I was one of their little helpers - putting out peanuts, taking tickets, taking pictures, serving, cleaning up. I hadn't planned to stay the entire time, but I was enjoying helping. Sid was sitting with my mother most of the time and he was enjoying himself too, so we stayed.


notyouraverage.... said...

i haven't read anything in so long. i've taken to listening to music to and from work - and at home, there is no quiet to read peacefully.

oooh, i'm cringing. so, how did you not notice your eye, when it got poked? i understand that your hand is immobile (numb too?), but your eye? is there something going on there too?

ShellyP said...

Yeah, I noticed when I poked it but it wasn't a big deal so I didn't think to look at it.

My hand's not immobile or numb, I can open / close it, hold stuff, etc, I just can't open it all the way. It's weird.