Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So today I post. It's just another day. Nothing special. Feeling pretty good again. Actually, been feeling pretty good lately in general, meaning I'm not tired, I don't feeling overly burdened or overwhelmed. The area around the hole in my mouth is still sore from having the molar extracted, but that too shall pass. Hubby is fine. Children are awesome. I see promise for the future. I recently created a "life list" as my bff calls it. Looking at it, it's me in a nutshell. By reading it you can know almost everything about me. This "life list" is just a list of goals divided into categories such as fun/leisure, money, career, health, etc. I wonder now if I'm too simple. lol I want more goals, bigger goals, complex goals. :) But back to the list at hand, every line is telling. It feels sort of strange to realize that. That anyone could look at it and know right away who I am. There are some nuances about me that can't be deduced from the list, not even from reading between the lines, but as I add more entries as they come to mind, I will in such fashion be revealing even more about myself. Ok, yes, I don't plan to publish the list...but you never know. I don't have a plan for where this could lead. The goal was to create goals, plan for them, and take actions to make them my reality. But the "life list" itself, who knows, might be able to be used for something else.

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