Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Day 3"

It's something, isn't it, when your child has a mouth and won't go to bed? lol  J/k  Well, sort of.  :D

Today was good. Had the g-son today who almost wore me out. Played outside in the heat until I started melting away. He's fast too! Had a few bouts of chasing him around the parking my heels. smh

Made my first batch of soup in my Le Creuset Dutch Pot. Tomato Bisque. Wasn't bad. A bit more tart than I expected but overall of very good first attempt. My son liked it a lot. The daughter not so much.

I have the joy of knowing my bff is shooting her butt off! She quit her job and jumped into photography full time. She does really enjoy photographing people. She has fun with them, which I think is great, and enviable. I think she had four shoot last week. Awesome! I hope she gets into her groove soon, of how to balance shoot and marketing and editing and life in general. It sucks to be overwhelmed, but to find that tight rope balance is divine.

Although my writing is indecipherable I love the physical act of writing. Sometimes I find it to be too slow but there is something cathartic for me about the movements. I wish my handwriting was beautiful but I'm ok that it's not. If i started to think of all the things I could change the list just might be unending, but the list of things I maybe would change can probably fit on one hand.  :)

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nyabg said...

"have the joy of knowing my bff is shooting her butt off! " Interesting.... :)
Yes, your handwriting is indecipherable! Lol. Although I prefer to type - because my hand cramps from writing - I get I think, the cathartic feeling...