Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To the one who understands me the most... This is dangerous ground being tread right here. lol I hope no one gets offended. One of my bestest friends for the past, oh, 23 years, is still around giving me a lot of what I need. It's interesting when I think about our relationship and the ups and downs that we've had. Granted, we haven't really had any downs. There was that time he wasn't happy about my wanting pledge for a sorority, and there was that other time he said something that I read too much into and took to heart, but other than those times I can say it's been a pretty smooth ride. Don't know what I would do without him really. It's amazing to me when I consider certain friends and how long I've known them with respect to them putting up with me. We have all gone through so many changes and to think we have managed to stay in sync relationship-wise...how do I explain that? I've gone through my phases, my mood swings, my changes in perspective, changes in my maturity level and tolerance, I've formed and re-formed some opinions. And yet still, he remains. Not all have. Not all would want to. I wouldn't want them all to. Yet he remains. And I'm thankful.

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