Friday, May 09, 2008

School Pix

Project #2 - School Class Pictures and Yearbook

We took over 400 pictures yesterday. Phew. It was hard work keeping those kids entertained and coaxing them to smile. We got there at 9 am and didn't leave until 1 pm (which fortunately included a half hour lunch break). We took pictures of every child on the premises - from age 1+ to fifth grade. We had two setups - one was a makeshift green screen, and the other was a print fabric that we'll probably use for the yearbook. The green screen will just make it easier to extract the kids and put them on different backgrounds.

After going through all the pictures yesterday afternoon we narrowed it down to 100+ really good pix to put in the yearbook and to offer to parents in packages.

The last time I worked on a yearbook I was in middle school - remember that, Ardean?!

I'll post some pix soon.


r-dean said...

Another gig - good for you guys.
oooh! I can't wait to see the pics!

Ya , i remember working on the yearbook!

Stunner said...

I would love to try a gig like that! Photography is my new hobby and I can't wait to get better at it. You can see some of my photos at

Stunner said...

Wow! It has been a while since I last visited here!

Jdid said...

sounds like fun