Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I wouldn't call it a fiasco exactly

I did a pro bono wedding this past Sunday morning and a 40th birthday in the afternoon. Needless to say it was a looong day. I got to the bride's house minutes after 9:00 am. I didn't leave the bday party until 9:00 pm! The next day I was a zombie.

"How did the pix turn out," you ask. Well, let me photoshop them first and get back to you. For sure I'll take some good oens and put them on my company website.

I'm nervous about this whole 'business' thing. What if after all my efforts I end up less than mediocre and it all flops? I have a grandiose vision of owning a photography and video production studio, with real employees, and a training/seminar/meeting area, and hosting local club meetings, etc. What if it doesn't work? What if it does?


Anonymous said...

uh ya - that IS is loong day! i was at my friends wedding shower on sunday for only about 3 hours - taking pics - and that was tiring ;-)

Can't wait to see your pics.
I now know my priority is learning how to take good pictures indoor with flash, with no tripod. I guess I'll have some more practise, cause her wedding is in 2 weeks. I took about 400 pics during the shower (a WHOLE lot, due to my friends super cute baby boy, hogging the camera) - so I'll have to make sure I clear both memory cards (they're only 2 gigs each - and i shot in jpeg) for the wedding day!

Jdid said...

do your best and dont be afraid of success