Monday, January 28, 2008

Working on Lighting

Pic one is the tomato without any special lighting - only a camera set to auto and a flash. Pic two (80+ shots later) is the final tomato. Much better, I'd say. After all was said and done the tomato was a nice addition to our dinner.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. What is the background? Did you use additional lighting? What a difference you can see between the two - how the first looks so flat and 1 dimensional and the final pic, so vivid and real.

ShellyP said...

For the background I went to an arts and crafts store and bought a poster board - two-sided; one is silver and the other is gold. It bends easily to create the seamless background.

I also bought a foam board from the same store to use as a reflector, and placed it about five cm to the left of the tomato.

I had a light placed 90o to the right of the tomato but raised pretty high up, and facing downwards onto it.

I used another board (actually a bin lid) and put it up against the right side of the light until the background became non-lit but the light was still on the tomato.

Yes, I couldn't believe how much it took for the pic to look right. Sid held the reflector. I held the light and the the lid and Karl snapped the pic.

Jdid said...

looks tastier in photo 2 as well

Stunner said...

I like the shot with the lighting, great work!