Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Kindle Some Things

When they perfect this, i.e. make it more “book-like,” then I want one.

By book-like I mean that:
1. It opens like a book which will help with evening the weight distribution
2. There are two screens so it looks like two pages

By the way, check out this cute 'usability' short.

I've been working late nights lately, which sucks but is kinda cool at the same time, only with respect to how productive it has made me. Not only have I been fixing problems left and right at work, but then I get home, say at 11 pm, and I still have energy to wash bottles, get kids' clothes ready for the next day, talk to hubby, and watch tv. Amazing.

The epiphany I had last week when I got home after midnight was Thursday was this: I am darn good! All these years I knew I was 'ok' but now? Now I know differently. This realization could change my life!


Aziza said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!!!...

Momma Bear said...

It is nice when you can discover positive things about yourself. Sounds like you really have it together. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Momma Bear, Aka, Mz Gig

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely impressed - I KNOW I could not do all you do!

SP said...

I always knew you were good!! I am sorry to hear that it's takng working late for you to realize that you truly are super woman.

Happy Turkey Day!