Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's Up With You?

I'm here. No baby yet. She's not due til Sep 23. I know, that's less than two months away! Am I ready? You bet. I wanna see her and hold her and hug her and squeeze her. And I sure am ready to take a break from work and the daily routine. Sid is still adamantly telling people that she's his baby. lol. Her name is still up in the air. I'm rooting for Shelby. Some love it, some hate it. Hubby frowns at it. He's voting for Courtney as is my mother. My mother says if I go with Shelby she won't call her by that name. Yeah, right.

Speaking of boys, stepson is in TN right now visiting his aunt and he doesn't want to come back. Why? You know why - he's in l.o.v.e.! Unfortunately he has to come back to his life here in SFL.

No news from Uncle yet either. He says he only checks his email on Sundays. Ok. Two Sundays have past since the first 'hello' message I sent. No response to the letter I wrote to Aunt either. Hmm.

I had a dream last night that I met Mocha and Nikki. Is there anything to that? Are they headed my way or am I going on a road trip? (I love road trips but these gas prices are no joke! My little V6 took $45 to fill up yesterday. When I had my gas-guzzling Beamer five years ago it used to cost that much. Prices have DOUBLED since then. I can't imagine having to pay $90+ for gas at least once a week. I wonder what the mileage is for a Honda Odyssey minivan?)

Poor hubby - the company he works for has been indefinitely absorbed by it's parent because the money wasn't coming in fast enough. They let almost all of the sales guys go. Being as he was the one making the appointments for those guys I don't know what all this means for him. Of course, he had a dream a few days prior that there were only three people working in the office - the two owners and himself. Maybe this will turn out to be a good thing.

I finished "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston. I thought it was pretty good. I tried starting "Beloved" by Toni Morrison but it's taking me a while to get into it. In the meantime I also finished "Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris, the author of "Silence of the Lambs." It was ok. I liked the twist near the end. I haven't given up on "Beloved" but I'm taking suggestions of other books to read.

Oh yeah, the new bed is great. I don't know what to do with all the room I have!

Random thought: Why doesn't everyone iron their clothes before coming to work? I'm not saying that if you wore something already and you're wearing it again it necessarily has to be ironed even though you know it has those "I've been worn before wrinkles." I'm talking about those "I was folded and put down and not even folded properly, see my creases" kind of wrinkles. How do you come to work like that?


SP said...

I can’t wait for her to get here either! I vote for Courtney too. :o)

That boy is in love? Oh no!

Sorry that Uncle and Auntie haven’t contacted you. My cousin called and yell at me yesterday for not keeping in better contact.

I’m up for a road trip? When we going?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Hubby.

You are supposed to come over and look through my books, remember? Beloved is a difficult book to read. I remember it back when I was in school. Come over and pick out some more to read.

He he he! Who’s not ironing? That is so funny!

Stunner said...

Two months and counting, I love it when a new baby arives!

I've been guilty of wearing clothes to work without ironing, but not when they are badly wrinkled.

chele said...

In love? Get ready for him to be in a REAL mood when he gets back.

I hate ironing. I just hate it and I'm guilty of looking at something and saying, "It's not that bad."

Shawn said...

My vote for a baby name is Krista.

How quick did it take for him to fall in love?

Why are your uncle and aunt acting so strange? They can't offer you a "I don't feel comfortable talking about this?" or, "I don't know what to say." I mean at least acknowledge your efforts.

I refuse to read Toni Morrison. I mean, what is she talking about? I can't comprehend that madness. ;-)

LOL@you and the ironing questions.

Anonymous said...

i purchase clothes that need minimal if any ironing. too much extra work. I'm not really partial to Shelby or Courtney - but she's your baby - so you pick what you like ;-)

Mocha_Grl said...

Two seems like time is flying by (easy for me to say right?)
Can't wait to see pictures!

I can't speak for Uncle...but Auntie is now in Toronto visitng and will be here for a few weeks so there's a chance she didn't get the letter before she left, I haven't seen her yet but I would be extremely surprised if you didn't hear from her.

I'm probably headed your soon as I can fly again. LOL

Jdid said...

lol, i despise ironing. i actually will take my stuff to a dry cleaners instead of breaking out that iron.