Thursday, August 17, 2006

I've been quite busy doing some pretty geeky things lately. Not that I mind. I love to learn. I don't know where to start and I'm still in the midst of things but I can give you a quick rundown.

I'm very active in my church. On any given Saturday good luck if you find me sitting in one place for more than five minutes (I can usually go about 1/2 hr during the sermon until some "fire" erupts that I have to put out). All of the geeky stuff I've been working on lately has been directly related to my duties at church - trying to retrieve data from a harddrive, transfering domain and email hosting, and upgrading our website. This in addition to creating a budget and proposal for my department, sitting through lengthy church board meetings, editing our newsletter, working on announcement newscasts, and preparing for Communication & Technology Day, which happens to be this upcoming Saturday. My husband does the capturing and video editing of the services (at home) so I have my part to play in that too. After this Saturday, when the day is finally over, and I know I don't have to go back up on the platform, my stress levels will stabilize. In the meantime, I barely have two more days to go and I haven't written my editorial or my welcome or my introduction of the speaker yet, among many other things like doing up schedules, committee member packets, blah, blah, blah.

At work, I have a project due on Nov 1, nevermind that I'll be out in a few weeks. That means I have to do as much as I can by the end of this month and hope I still have time to handover whatever is left.

Plus, did I mention I'm having a baby? I went to the doctor's yesterday and he asked me if I wanted to choose a date. He said a lot of families do it for the convenience. I'm sitting there thinking, he's asking me if I want to decide when I want to go into natural labor?? That's not something I want to think about and work towards. Let it happen when I don't expect it. Basically you choose a date and the day before, if you've been having minor contractions or braxton hicks, and if you're dilated, then the next day you get admitted to the hospital and you get pitocin to induce labor. Umm, no thank you. First of all, I have not heard anything good about induced labor. Secondly, my family doesn't need the 'convenience' of knowing where I'm going to be beforehand, they can find out when I do. Maybe some women would prefer the select-your-labor-day option if they need to make plans for childcare and husband taking off work, but I don't have to think about that. Fortunately I have enough family and friends, and co-workers even, who can pitch in to make things work. So I'll pass on that offer, thanks.


chele said...

I would've passed on the select-a-labor-day option as well. I've never heard of such a thing. I've always been told that "the baby knows when he wants to arrive". My son arrived 4 weeks prior to his due date and my daughter 3 days earlier than her due date.

Miz JJ said...

I'm with chele. I've never heard of that unless you are having a C-section. Then of course you get a date. Also, they claim that all those drugs are safe, but who knows. Might as well go as natural as you can. Plus the surprise part would be fun.