Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Day at the Park

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Anonymous said...

omg! i love this montage. i LOVE that you are reading while pushing shelb on the swing. so THAT's how you multi-task, as a mother! too funny.

i'm getting a taste of the 'mother' thing more now - since i'm home alot - and my god-daugther is over in the day. i took her out to the store yesterday. i picked up what i needed and headed to the cash, but not before she too picked up something. she walked to the cash with it, refusing to put it down. i told her to give it to the cashier - which she did, telling him i'm not buying it. she freaked when i walked away from the cash without it. her little head tipped up, trying to see where it went. she screamed bloody murder! and i hand to carry her one handed cause i had two large sheets of foam core in my hand [i'm making a mini softbox - soooo easy] AND it was windy, so the boards kept trying to fly away. i finally got her calmed enough to go to the car, but then she didn't want to go in - and started screaming all over again. i felt so bad, but had to put her in - then i held her hand, stretched from the front seat - until we got out of the car again.