Friday, March 20, 2009


I am so exhausted! Did a shoot today for a local dentist who was doing free work for the day for "Women In Distress." We got to his office at 9 am and I didn't leave until 3 pm. One lady had 10 extractions. Yes, 10 in one day! Another lady had a mouth full of golds and couldn't get a job and was totally transformed with their removal. It was a wonderful experience. Hubby did video and I took stills. Dr. Ken Ross is one of the seven founding members of Project 31 - an organization of dentists that want to give back to their communities. They set up all kinds of 'missions', days that they do pro bono work. Great concept. Hopefully other doctors and service providers will catch the fever and do the same.


chele said...

That's a great way to give back!

Jdid said...

10 extractions! whoa i feel her pain